Why educated girls with university degrees are dumped and stay spinsters in our society!!!!

30 March, 2006

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh what shall I say. I believe that I will end up being under this category one day……I’ll be labeled the educated spinster lol

Ya do you know why Arab educated girls end up singles in our society

Well the answer is easy? Don’t you know it! Ok listen

In our arab society, men look after YOUNG girls to marry
Well, they believe that the more a girl is educated and enlightened, the miserable his life will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya sure coz he doesn’t a human being to share life with ,,,but he wants a beautiful body to share bed with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She will start to argue, discuss, give her opinion………..Say YES when she wants to say YES and NO when she wants to say NO,,,,,,,,

Does the Arab man like that? NO of course…he wants a young immature wife to control her as a slave!!!!!! To say yes to his orders no mater what…

Did you know why the school drop-out girls get married before the uni degrees holder………….

Ok let me give u an example to believe me………….

We have an arab professor teaching at our uni,,,,,,he got his PhD from the states where he lived most of his life…….guess wut

I was shocked when I knew that his wife came to take English courses at uni coz he finds difficulty teaching her kids who were studying in an English school……….he hasn’t finish the high schooooooool even….wut the hell???

How such a person could teach at a reputed uni…I was the chancellor I would fire him immediately……….we wana bright ppl to teach us not big losers…am I right