Wut does ur date of birth tell about ur personality?

31 March, 2006

Believe it or not numbers do tell something about ur personality….for example the first number (the one u get when adding up ur day of birth) tells about ur deep personality while the second number (the day+ the month of birth) indicates the way u behave….on the top of all that, the third num (the day +month+ year of birth) tells about ur destiny…..

For instance:

If your date of birth is 19/12/1967

The first num u get is the sum of the day of birth MEANING:

1+9=10 & 1+0=1
Got it ?

The 2nd number is the sum of the day of birth plus the month of birth MEANING:

1+12=13 and 1+3 =4

Finally add up the number u got in the second step to the year of birth MEANING:

4+1967+ 1971

1+ 9+7 +1= 18 and 8+1=9

Add up your number and wait for me to tell you what it means and what it tells about u!!!!


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my # is 3