Another bad daaaaaay

01 April, 2006

Today is another bad day. So depressed. I had a lecture at 11am but couldn’t get up till 10:30 although I slept at around 1:30 …I was so scared to miss the class especially that the professor is so strict with regard to attendance. Tomorrow I have strategic management exam. But not in the mood to study. So crazy, right!!! Imagine I have more than 150 pages to read which I have no clue what they are about…ah ya they are about stupid strategic management. I will definitely fall this exam. It’s so painful when you reach that stage of indifference, no feelings of guilt anymore!! I am listening to music to relax little bit so I might try to read for tomorrow’s exam.

Today, I saw a missed called from the ppl in Dubai, again didn’t call back. I can’t …I dunno what to tell them after I showed that enthusiasm to participate in their program. i couldn’t stop thinking about this issue. I want to overcome my shock.

Oh one more thing, yesterday a guy e-mailed me regarding an ad I posted on a website … I am looking for a part-time job to kill boredom especially that I’m not in the mood to study at all this semester. Hope just to pass!

But that guy didn’t call me so far. I want to do anything new in order to lessen the depression that I suffer from these day! Plz callll meeeeeeeeeeeeee

This is my third cup of nescafeeeeeeeee….wana finish it and go back to studying,,,,


MD said...

i LOVE strategic management :P u dont understand how helpful this class is going to be. so pay attention :P

sounds like ure just having one of those days. waiting is such a hard thing to do. and it's disappointing to ignore those calls. but it's better u answer them and say that family commitments have come in the way and u'll be unable to take up the job though u love it. it makes u look a LOT more professional than just ignoring them :)

ArabLady said...

to hell with " family commitments",,,,!!!!

if i had the money in my pocket to buy the ticket and could prepare the visa and such stuff i would have agreed without even giving a damn to wut my family says,,,,

BAD Daughter right ;) i knowwwwwwww
By the way if u had the chance to attend 10 miz of that boring class u would fall asleep….its boring ,,,anly 10 ppl come to class…and once the pro takes attendance, students escape !!!!!!!!!!


MD said...

well, i am no one to judge if u're a bad or a good daughter. i havent been the most ideal daughter myself. it's an illusion :)

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