Unrelated ….inconsistent thoughts written while @ work

14 August, 2008

Fake world with frozen feelings…plastic faces…big lies….yellow smiles….black hatred…
I can no longer trust anybody …I can’t distinguish between who is honest & who is not…

My mood is not good today with all the money I spend to boost my swingy emotions….that proves that happiness stems from your brain, your attitude, your soul, & your heart

The day before my childish friend dragged me to Magic Planet @ Mall of the Emirates to play games!!!
I found it ridiculous & shameful… I was looking around myself all the time to see if anybody I know would me there! Its cool to go crazy & do things you usually don’t dare to commit!

She wanted to get our picture etched on a medal & I had to surrender to her wish especially that she will get back to her home town next week….i will definitely miss her non-stoppable madness with all the tons of the problems she has…she never stops laughing giggling jumping from here to there like a kido …sometimes I think about her & how she could survive with the endless troubles she has…she still manages to smile….weird life…or weird human beings…


rosh said...

I know a few people like your friend. I wish I could take their worries away - for these little crystals (perhaps covered in charcoal) could shine that extra bit to lighten up their lives and all those lives they touch.You are lucky to have a friend like her. People often comes into our lives with a purpose. Perhaps her purpose in your life has got to do with your post below? Life does throw all sortsa challenges at us - it's those who stick thru and learn to smile away thru life, that actually lives it up.

Be there for your friend, and she'll help you see it all a little differently :)

On that note, glad to hear you are smiling again :)

sea life said...

Never ever forget to smile!!!

Arab Lady said...

Hey Rosh, my loyal reader :)
Sounds u have some plenty of free time that’s why u read my post quite often ;)
I’m just kidding. Its always pleasing to read your comments
I agree with you. Having such positive friends who come over their problems with a laugh is something valuable indeed. They reflect their magical secret to their surroundings either directly or indirectly.

@ Sealife

Hope no body forgets

thanks guys 4 passing by

johnorford said...

Hey! /I'm/ ur loyal reader!! :P

I spent waaaaaaay to long in Abu Dhabi airport recently, and the atmosphere definitely is suffocating. If that's any hint at what the UAE as a whole is like, I'd rather stay cleeeeeeeeeear!

Arab Lady said...

looooooooooooool hey John
of course u r one of my fav readers :)

i guess the weather is getting better nowadays :) wut if u came in may & june wut would u have said!

wish u a happy stay ;)